What Causes Profuse Sweating At Night?

excessive sweating at night is a normal part of our physiology. It helps cool us down and dissipates heat from the body, but excessive sweating can also be a sign of illness. If you have a fever or an infection, your body will sweat more to help rid itself of toxins and fight off infections. In some cases, however, this excess sweating may indicate that there is an underlying problem with the system regulating temperature in your body. Blood vessels close to certain nerves can become inflamed when there is too much inflammation for them to handle; these blood vessels secrete vasoconstrictors into that nerve tissue which then causes your sympathetic nervous system to overreact by sending out large amounts of adrenaline into the bloodstream which then leads to increased bodily functions such as increased heart rate and blood pressure along with profuse perspiration . This cascade effect would include muscle contractions, changes in skin color (and sometimes hair loss), high blood pressure , etc., all resulting from just one little nerve becoming irritated. There are several different types of conditions that cause this type of physiological reaction:

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