What Causes Profuse Sweating At Night When Sleeping?

The reason why you sweat so much at night is because of the heat that radiates off your body. You are not generating heat, it just happens naturally because of the amount of fat on your body. The more fat you have, the more heat will radiate from your body and cause your skin to work overtime to cool down. There are several options to help reduce sweating during sleep including opening up a window or adding an extra blanket to keep warm or cool at bed time. If this doesn’t resolve the problem then there may be other reasons for excessive sweating during sleep such as Meniere’s disease which is caused by fluid in the inner ear pressing against brain tissue causing dizziness and severe vertigo (dizziness) during everyday activities especially while standing up straight. This condition often causes loud ringing ears upon standing up after waking from sleep which can last all day long until going back to bed again for another good night’s rest.

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