What Causes Profuse Sweating And Dizziness?

(1) Laxative abuse, (2) anemia from iron deficiency, and (3) hyperthyroidism. In addition to the above causes of profuse sweating and dizziness, there are other possibilities:

(A) Peripheral vascular disease; this is a circulatory disorder in which sudden death occurs due to rupture or dissection of a peripheral vessel. The most common cause is atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. It may occur in older patients with diabetes mellitus and hypertension, but it can also occur after age 30 in young people without these conditions. There may be no symptoms such as pain or bleeding at the site where the vessel has burst; sometimes there will be warmth overlying blood that can be felt by palpation. A fever develops along with diffuse swelling and tenderness in one leg. If untreated, death usually occurs within 24 hours unless surgery intervenes before any untoward further damage occurs to vital organs such as heart or kidneys. This condition must receive prompt treatment if there is any chance for survival because rapid improvement may not persist for more than 4 days depending on when help arrives [Figure 2]. Diagnosis requires special laboratory studies [Table 7], including measurement of serum electrolytes [elevated sodium] and glucose levels [decreased sugar content], arterial pressure measurements taken twice daily at rest for 3 days, skin biopsy showing fibrin deposition consistent with chronic thrombophlebitis around an ob

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