What Causes Profuse Head Sweating?

The causes of profuse sweating vary from person to person. In some it occurs in a very dry environment, while others sweat under normal situations.

Some people with this condition have an overactive sweat gland and the sweat glands are located in areas where they do not normally reside such as on the chest or back. Others may have a problem with their vasomotor center which is responsible for regulating body temperature that has been overloaded by excessive sweating episodes. Sometimes there can be underlying medical conditions that cause chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) resulting from severe shortness of breath. People who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome often also experience tingling sensations all over their body that start at one end and then move toward the other side of the body including within arms and legs making them feel like pins and needles sometimes even affecting their heart rate. Another cause could be hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). This condition is common among people suffering from stress, anxiety or depression; it can make you fearful about having your clothes damp during social occasions especially if you need to change your clothes frequently because you get extremely hot due to undressing too quickly before getting cool down again after taking off your shirt etc…hyperhidrosis makes people embarrassed about what they perceive as being “wet spots” all through out time spent away form home, work or school…the uncomfortable feeling caused by hyperhidrosis affects both physical activity levels as well as personal interactions with friends family members co-workers etc….hyper

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