What Causes Overactive Sweating?

The most common cause of overactive sweating is a hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis can be caused by many factors such as: adrenal gland problems (pheochromocytoma) like Addison disease; autonomic nervous system problems; and medications that lower the body’s thermo-regulation or body temperature regulation.

What are the symptoms of overactive sweat?

Overactive Sweating may be noticeable throughout your day and night, but it usually occurs when you sit down, stand up from a sitting position, exercise vigorously for more than 1 hour or suffer from extreme heat. Some people with hyperhidrosis experience only their hands to feel sweaty while others have large portions of their bodies affected including palms and soles of feet as well as armpits and genitals. The severity varies among individuals according to what triggers feelings of pain/discomfort during activity causing them to perspire excessively. While some people do not notice any discomfort other than thinking they must be running hotter than normal this should never cause concern if there is no fever present and nothing else feels different about your health since all sweating occurs in response to environmental stimuli such as cool air on hot skin causing moisture loss which results in overheating especially in those who sweat profusely at rest due to underlying medical conditions such as allergies , glaucoma, thyroid disease etc., if anything you appear perfectly healthy because you are not staying at home under an air conditioning unit! In addition the diagnosis

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