What Causes Low Body Temperature And Sweating?

There are many causes of low body temperature. The most common is the cold virus (common cold). Many other causes include:

• Air travel or long distance travel, especially if you get ill during your trip. You may need to stay in bed longer than usual when traveling because of the extra heat loss caused by illness and lower body temperature.

• Accidents, surgeries that affect circulation (although this would normally cause high blood pressure), sunburns, etc., can temporarily lower your body temperature due to impaired ability to produce heat.

• Illnesses such as meningitis or other viral infections affecting the brain—which can lead to fever, confusion, dizziness and fatigue—can reduce your ability to control your own body temperature through shivering or sweating. This decreases the amount of energy available for other bodily functions like digestion and breathing which leads to insufficient oxygen intake at rest leading to fainting while standing up!

Low Body Temperature Causing Fainting? Dr Dabbleware says…Let’s face it – there are some scary things out there that could make us faint …and no one wants that! Here is how you prevent it from happening again… 1) Check with a doctor beforehand 2) Avoid alcoholic drinks 3) If really necessary go on a diet 4) Exercise regularly 5) Get enough sleep 6) Have lots of nice warm baths 7 & 8 ) Make sure everyone knows what happens before they start making fun 9 & 10 )

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