What Causes Facial Sweating?

If you are sweating, it may mean your body is trying to cool off. Sweating is caused by the hormone called epinephrine. It works in the brain and tells the sweat glands to produce more sweat. Some people might have a condition called hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. The most common cause of this problem is overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism). Medications that affect thyroid function can cause facial sweating too, including lithium carbonate, methimazole (Tapazole), propylthiouracil (PTU) or phenothiazines such as chlorpromazine or perphenazine . Other causes include central nervous system conditions like Parkinson’s disease , multiple sclerosis , stroke s and neuromuscular disorders . There are also some rare inherited disorders that can result in excessive facial sweating due to increased production of epinephrine in the pituitary gland .

While certain medical problems may increase your risk for excessive facial sweating, it does not occur randomly throughout life with no warning signs whatsoever. This generally occurs between ages 20-40 years old when there are previous signs or symptoms that could have been recognized but weren’t seen at the time by family members who knew these individuals well enough to recognize them before they became symptomatic.. If you think someone else has excessive facial perspiration – don’t wait! Call us today so we can get started on helping them stop their face sweats once and for all!

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