What Causes Extreme Sweating?

Some people sweat excessively because of an inherited medical disorder called primary hyperhidrosis. The excessive sweating is so severe that it affects the way normal people live and sleep, as well as sometimes affecting their ability to work or maintain relationships with others.

Do I have a genetic predisposition to excessive sweating?

Patients who suffer from primary or secondary hyperhidrosis (excessive skin moisture) often inherit this condition from one parent—a trait known as familial hyperhidrosis. This can range in severity from mild, but noticeable changes in the appearance of normal body tissue (e.g., hands and feet), to very severe and debilitating symptoms such as: profuse sweating that occurs at all times; difficulty sleeping due to night sweats; recurrent use of deodorant products; embarrassment caused by over-wetness during social activities including gym workouts; avoidance of hot environments causing poor performance on physical activity tests; feeling uncomfortable at most outdoor venues such as beaches, amusement parks, etc.; inability to participate in most forms of exercise without extreme discomfort due to wet clothes before exercise begins or inability even after exercising if perspiration continues throughout the day causing constant need for more frequent re-coats/change of clothing until body temperature returns back towards normal levels within several hours after leaving the heat source.

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