What Causes Excessive Sweating Under Arms?

Excessive sweating can occur as a result of the following:

Genetic predisposition. Excessive sweating is more common among those with certain types of sweat glands, such as those that secrete sweat on the palms and soles (oil-secreting glands) or in locations other than where it is needed (e.g., armpits). A small percentage of people have excessive sweating at some point during their lives; these individuals tend to be middle-aged women who develop the condition after menopause. Although this type of excessive sweating may eventually go away, many women become socially isolated due to embarrassment over their condition and delay seeking treatment until the problem becomes severe. This gradual onset makes early detection difficult for physicians who must rely on patient diagnosis and self-reporting regarding severity by patients suffering from this form of hyperhidrosis (see “How do I know if my underarm perspiration is normal?” below.)

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