What Causes Excessive Sweating On Head And Face?

Thyroid disease. The thyroid gland is located below the Adam’s apple, which makes it easier to examine. It increases sweating by causing an increase in blood flow to the skin’s surface, which leads to increased heat production and therefore sweat production. If you are hyperthyroid (your thyroid level is elevated) or hypothyroid (the thyroid isn’t producing enough of a hormone called thyroxine), your body will be working harder than normal and may lead to excessive sweating on your head and upper face areas. This type of sweating most often occurs during hot weather when temperatures rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit; however, if you’re not acclimated to warm climates, even at this temperature change can cause sweaty palms and underarms as well as excessive facial perspiration. You’ll also experience more wetness with every passing day because your glands produce excess fluid that results from these hormonal changes — especially if there is inflammation present in those areas — but this doesn’t mean that all people who have higher than normal levels of hormones such as cortisol also experience high levels of water retention on their head or upper torso regions.[4]

What causes cramps?

There are many possible reasons for muscle cramps: Exercise-induced leg pain including shin splints A full list of known causes can be found here: https://www.webmdpharmacycareplus.com/glandular-excess-sweat-causes/muscle_cramp_treatment

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