What Causes Excessive Sweating On Face And Neck?

There are many causes of excessive sweating on the face and neck. These include:

head trauma such as a fall or knock to the head, concussion, or even an accident; some people develop this condition all their lives others do not have it until they experience some physical injury which releases excess stress hormones.

disease such as hypothyroidism (a very common disease in women), hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid glands) and just about any other adrenal gland problem that can cause your body to produce too much sweat.

Pituitary gland problems can also lead to increased perspiration especially around the eyebrows and nose area . This is called ‘hirsutism’ for women or ‘periorbital hypertrophy’ for men. In most cases these conditions result from hormonal imbalances caused by exposure to xenoestrogens – chemicals found in plastics, detergents, household products etc. The pituitary gland secretes a hormone called prolactin which acts like a messenger between brain cells that regulate secretion of sex hormones into the bloodstream – if there is too much prolactin then this hormone will block off signals from brain cells controlling secretion of testosterone causing excessive production of estrogen – this blocks off signals from brain cells regulating secretion of cortisol -causing you to overproduce salt water through your sweat glands so you become sweaty! You may be able to tell why this is happening because sometimes one side

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