What Causes Excessive Sweating Of The Head?

The skin of the head can be affected by a number of different disorders. Some, such as acromegaly and excessive sweating due to hyperhidrosis, are actually forms of gigantism (see Chapter 15). The treatment for these conditions is surgery to remove excess tissue in the body part that is causing symptoms.

What causes excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating may result from:• Primary hyperhidrosis: This condition causes abnormal overactivity of the sweat glands and usually affects only one side of the body. People with primary hyperhidrosis sometimes experience facial flushing in response to emotional stress or hot weather. It’s more likely than other types of excessive sweating that you have this type if your tongue turns white after eating salty foods or if sweat runs down your back while you sleep at night. If primary hyperhidrosis isn’t treated early on, it can get worse and interfere with daily activities because there’s too much perspiration going on all day long. In some cases, people who suffer from primary hyperhidrosis develop diabetes mellitus (see Chapter 14) because they don’t know when their bodies need an insulin injection during a mealtime or a working event where they will stand for six hours or more without any breaks at all! You might also have problems related to kidney failure caused by high levels of sodium chloride retention in your kidneys from over-sweating every day—this condition is called nephrogenic diabetes ins

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