What Causes Excessive Sweating Of Hands And Feet?

There are many causes of excessive sweating. It is not always due to a medical condition. When you have excessively sweaty hands or feet, it can be caused by an emotional problem such as anxiety or stress. Excessive sweating can also be due to infection, poor circulation in the body including blood vessels in the hands and feet, hormonal problems (such as menopause), certain medications (especially when taken with other medicines), side effects of some drugs, conditions that cause increased muscle activity, various skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis; injury to the nervous system which affects how muscles respond; thyroid gland disorders; kidney disease; liver disease; high levels of salt in your diet causing swelling in tissues called edema. There are other possible causes but these are just some common ones that people often think about when they see someone with sweaty palms or fingers.

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