What Causes Excessive Sweating In Women?

Swelling of the skin is a sign that there may be an underlying problem. Excessive sweating can occur in some people with:

Osteoarthritis (a degenerative disease of the joints) or other inflammatory conditions of the knee, hip or spine. It can also occur after procedures to treat these diseases, such as joint replacement operations and arthroscopic surgery to remove portions of damaged cartilage from bones in your knees, hips or lower back. Other reasons for excessive sweating include certain medications used to relieve pain and anti-inflammatory drugs that are used during pregnancy or while treating rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disorder). Certain medicines commonly taken by menopausal women can cause excessive perspiration. They include testosterone blockers for low testosterone levels due to prostate cancer treatment side effects; combined oral contraceptives for contraception; hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women who have not yet undergone oophorectomy (removal of ovaries); birth control pills containing estrogen prescriptions taken by older menopausal women with osteoporosis; HRT given at doses higher than usually prescribed because you are having hot flashes so it will help reduce them; insulin resistance caused by high blood sugar levels resulting from diabetes mellitus type 2 where cells don’t respond properly to insulin hormones which cause too much sugar in circulation causing fluid retention/protein breakdown etc.; chronic sinusitis infection where bacteria get into your upper respiratory tracts causing swelling & inflammation around nose lines & throat walls leading to increased

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