What Causes Excessive Sweating From The Head And Neck?

The two most plausible explanations for excessive sweating around the head and neck are:

1. You have a condition known as vasodilatation (often called “heat stroke” or “sunstroke”). In this occurrence, your body overproduces sweat to cool down from the heat of sunburn. This can be caused by strong sunlight, fever, infection, nervousness or anxiety – but rarely is it from being too hot. The most common cause however is a minor injury to an arm or leg that has been covered in a tight sleeve which traps the body heat and causes vasodilation leading to profuse sweating. If you have recently had an injury anywhere on your arms/legs where clothing fits tightly – check with your doctor first before going home without appropriate medical attention!

2. Excessive sweating due to hyperhidrosis (excessive production of sweat) is more common than most people realize! In some cases there may not be any apparent reason why you are producing excess sweat especially if you don’t work out much and aren’t particularly anxious. There are many possible reasons why someone could develop excessive sweating including: stress; thyroid problems; food allergies; medications such as oral contraceptives or blood pressure medications causing changes in skin temperature etc… While no one knows exactly what causes hyperhidrosis – no single cause seems adequate enough to explain all cases of excessive perspiration…

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