What Causes Excessive Sweating At Night Time?

When you are under stress, the adrenalin that is released in your body affects many of the functions in your life. It can cause difficulty sleeping and sweating at night time is one of them. However this problem doesn’t only happen to people who are under extreme amounts of stress but everyone has some amount of anxiety or tension in their lives. If it becomes too much for you then you may find excessive sweating at night getting worse over time. This could be caused by something as simple as an argument with a close friend or family member causing tension within yourself, even if there isn’t any reason to be upset with them! Or maybe an ongoing problem with work or school that is causing extra anxiety for you which causes more stress on top of everything else, resulting in excess sweatiness at night.. So what causes excessive sweating at night?

The answer might surprise you… Excessive Sweat At Night Could Be Caused By Your Diet

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