What Causes Excessive Sweating And Dizziness?

Hormonal changes, which can be caused by pregnancy or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are the most common cause of excessive sweating and dizziness. The thyroid gland controls how much heat your body produces, so if it is not functioning properly, the amount of heat produced may not be enough to keep you warm.

Other hormonal problems that can lead to these symptoms include low testosterone levels in men and too high levels of estrogen in women. When the hormones go haywire, this condition occurs more commonly during times of emotional stress or when there are other possible triggers for these hormone imbalances such as not getting enough sleep due to insomnia. If you have any signs of PCOS or a family history with this disorder you should discuss your concern with your doctor immediately so they can look at the full picture before making recommendations on lifestyle changes to help control excess sweating and dizziness.

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