What Causes Excessive Sweating All The Time?

Sweating is a normal process in the body. In some cases, sweating occurs as an over-reaction to certain stimuli. A small amount of sweat may be produced by any stimulus that would cause sweating if it were not for the presence of clothing. For example, perspiration occurs when the skin temperature rises above its usual value, and this even happens when a person is standing still with no external heat source available (except for warm breath). The same mechanism works at night—a rise in body temperature normally triggers this release of sweat from underarm hair follicles into sweat glands on either side of each armpit. This type of perspiration is called “diurnal” because it generally occurs during daylight hours and is controlled by environmental factors such as air temperature or changes in humidity levels known as thermoregulation.[5] Sweat also serves an important function by helping to keep our bodies cool by evaporation: we lose approximately six times more water through our skin than we take up through respiration and ingestion (the human body must expel about ten liters (2½ gallons) per day).[6]

What causes excessive perspiration?

Excessive sweating can be caused due to many different reasons like: low blood volume; mental stress; hormonal imbalance; sexual activity; physical exertion such as sports activities or exercise etc.. Some people suffer from hyperhidrosis which means excess sweating all over their body especially hands, feet and face resulting

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