What Causes Excessive Face Sweating?

The primary cause of excessive sweating in the face is hyperhidrosis, which occurs when nerves that control sweat glands are overactive. The main issue with this type of sweating is that it’s often involuntary, so the person doesn’t even realize he or she has it. For example, some people may have a condition called focal hyperhidrosis where their specific areas on the body sweat excessively. This can be extremely embarrassing for those who have this problem because they think others are making fun of them or treating them differently due to their sweats. Excessive facial sweat can also be caused by medications such as antidepressants and anticonvulsants used to treat bipolar disorder (manic depression), certain types of chemotherapy drugs used in cancer treatment and many other conditions like Parkinson’s disease and diabetes mellitus (Type 2).

What do I do if my face keeps getting wet?

People with dry skin typically don’t get too concerned about how much their faces get sweaty; however, people who experience excessive facial perspiration usually notice something isn’t normal right away. If your face consistently feels damp and you’re having trouble controlling your own body temperature during hot weather months, then you should see your doctor sooner rather than later for an examination to determine what might be causing these problems.”

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