What Causes Dizziness Sweating And Nausea?

The dizziness and pain that is causing nausea and sweating can be caused by a number of conditions or illnesses. Some of these include the following:

Motion sickness – Is most commonly experienced in cars, boats, planes and trains. It occurs when there is too much motion for your body to handle. When this happens, your blood pressure rises and you become nauseous as well as feel lightheaded or faint due to lack of blood flow to your head. There are many things you can do to prevent motion sickness including not eating before traveling; avoiding eating dairy products such as cheese prior to travel; taking an antihistamine (such as Zyrtec) which helps relieve symptoms such as drowsiness; drinking lots of water after getting off the plane/train/boat etc.; avoiding “dry” airplanes (when cabin air systems are turned off); ensuring that you change position frequently on the flight; wearing loose clothing (especially hats); using earplugs if necessary during takeoff and landing phases etc.. If all else fails use some medication like Dramamine® which will make you drowsy but does not cause sleepiness so it won’t interfere with meeting up with friends afterward!

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