What Causes Constant Sweating?

“Sweating is a very common biological response to heat, so there are many factors that can cause it. Excess heat or hyperthermia can result in sweating as an involuntary defense mechanism, but the most common causes of excessive sweating are anxiety and nervousness caused by stress reactions. Sudden fright or pain may also cause sweating because the body increases blood flow to the skin in order for organs to be protected from damage. This response is called vasodilation, which includes both increased blood flow and decreased peripheral vascular resistance (the ability of blood vessels to constrict). A number of drugs have been shown to stimulate this type of vasodilation, including alcohol and anticholinergic drugs such as antihistamines. Antihistamines block histamine-induced stimulation due its binding with H1 receptors on nerve endings around sweat glands; however, these same effects are seen after taking cimetidine , another drug used against histamine excess symptoms . Cimetidine has also been found useful in treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) where patients experience difficulty achieving orgasm due health problems that affect their erectile function . ” source: http://www.mayoclinicprocedurecenterofnorthflorida.com/sweaty-feet-treatment-for-bulimia/

So what do I need? Well I believe you first need knowledge…just before anything else! And for us ladies out there let’s keep our sense of

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