What Causes Armpit Sweating Excessively?

Various factors can cause excessive sweating in the armpits. These include:

• Excessive rubbing of the skin in a particular region with an object, such as a shirt or towel. This is called compulsive rubbing and it usually occurs when a person has low self-esteem or suffers from anxiety .

• Damage to sweat glands in this part of the body by illness , radiation therapy, surgery , injury , burns, scarring from acne treatment , certain medications, stress and physical exertion. This condition is called lichen sclerosis et atrophicus . In some cases this damage can be reversed with medication or surgery.

• Abnormal deposits of fatty acids under the skin may also cause sweating problems in this area. These are commonly seen on people who have high blood pressure (hypertension). They tend to appear on areas where there is friction caused by movement of clothing against your skin during exercise

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