What Cause Sweating While Sleeping?

It is said to be the result of the body’s attempts to cool itself down. Sweating occurs because sweat glands are triggered by low temperatures, which cause them to release water into the bloodstream until they reach their maximum capacity and then shut off. Once this happens, your body tries to cool itself by increasing its own temperature. This causes you to perspire even more than normal because your body needs an additional source of heat in order for it to keep up with its increased requirements.

How do I control sweating when sleeping?

There are several things that can be done in order for someone suffering from excessive sweating while sleeping: 1) Increase humidity around you as much as possible. This will help make you feel cooler and might raise or lower how many times a night you go through sweats 2) Use cold packs on areas where your skin becomes hot such as under arms 3) Wearing cotton pajama pants instead of shorts 4) If none of these options work, there may be something wrong with the way that you sleep or bedding that is not comfortable 5) Talk with a physician about other treatment options

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