What Cause Sweating During Sleep?

I have been wondering why I sweat so much during the night with minor exertion, just a ride to work or around my neighborhood. What causes this? Is it too hot in bed at night? Do you think that maybe these clothes are just a bit too warm for me?


You can be sure that there is something wrong if your sleeping clothes become wet and clammy from perspiration! This usually happens when excessive heat builds up in the body as a result of physical or emotional distress. People who develop hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) as adults tend to be more sensitive than those with primary hyperhidrosis (suffering from excess sweating as children). In most cases, these people experience stress throughout their lives, but they may also suffer from certain personality disorders including anxiety and depression. Hyperhidrosis tends to run in families, which indicates its genetic origin. It usually affects individuals between ages 20 and 60 years old; however it may occur earlier or later depending on several factors such as sex, weight loss/gain and hormonal changes of puberty. One of the common symptoms of hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating during sleep – this means that one needs to change his pajamas right away so he does not get wet! You can better understand how important good hygiene is by reading our article about dry eyes – another symptom causing discomfort at night: http://www.sleepandhealthcenter.com/dry-eyes/.

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