What Can You Do To Stop Your Hands From Sweating?

” “I may have to buy new underwear; I don’t think my current selection of thongs will cut it if the weather gets hot.”

A lot of people go through this now with their hands, but there is no need for you to figure out how to stop your hands from sweating. The best advice I can give you is that by not wearing cotton clothing in the summer time, you are doing your body a great service. Cotton absorbs water and then wicks it away into the air where all that moisture goes right back into our atmosphere as heat energy. Think about what would happen if we all went around wearing 100% wool sweaters every day at work instead of shirts and suits? We could save hundreds upon hundreds of thousands each year just by switching our wardrobe! Of course many people do wear 100% wool garments during winter months due to comfort, so they might still be fine for summer time use if they really like them. Just remember though: If cotton does indeed absorb sweat (and most likely does), then any garment made up entirely of synthetic fibers (polyester or polypropylene) will also absorb water because these materials are chemically similar enough to cotton that they behave similarly when wetted down by perspiration. It seems unlikely that any fabric would be able to keep one person dry while another sweats on their shirt without an additional layer underneath, but this is certainly something worth considering nonetheless. But more importantly here–you should absolutely wear light weight

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