What Can You Do To Stop Sweating Under Your Arms?

Have you checked whether there is a sweat gland problem such as hyperhidrosis? If so, consult your doctor for further advice.

What do you know about menopause and sweating?

Menopause can be associated with increased sweating. The change of hormones that occurs during this period can lead to an increase in the number and size of sweat glands (hyperplasia) and an increase in the amount secreted (hypersecretion). However it may not be related to any specific cause; there are many factors which influence hormone levels, including weight gain or loss, stress, illness or medications. Many women experience increased perspiration after menopause due to changes in appetite and body fat distribution as well as decreased muscle tone (skeletal muscle), which results from reduced estrogen production at that time. Another reason for perspiration could be because of dry skin!

How does good personal hygiene help stop excessive sweating under my arms?

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