What Can You Do To Make Your Hands Stop Sweating?

Here are some things you can do to keep your hands cool while at work or on the go:

Put some lotion on them. Apply a small amount of lotion throughout the day, especially when it’s hot out. It will help lock moisture in your skin and make your body stay dryer longer. Carry around hand sanitizer. When you get sweaty, use hand sanitizer frequently! This keeps bacteria from growing in between uses and keeps the germs that cause infections away so they don’t spread through contact with others—which means fewer people can catch an infection without knowing it! Have a fan nearby. If you have access to one, put it near where you spend most of your time (like at work or school) so that if there is any chance for sweat buildup during the day, there is still air circulating to get rid of all of that moisture more quickly than just sitting alone by yourself all day long doing nothing but sweating over papers. Use cold water instead of warm water when washing dishes or taking showers/bathroom breaks too often during summer months…or anytime really! Cold water not only pulls in less heat energy into itself, but its molecules are much smaller which makes them harder for our cells to absorb as energy in order for us staying hydrated better since we lose water faster when exposed to larger amounts rather than smaller amounts due to these large molecules being absorbed easier by our cells . Each time we wash something with soap &

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