What Can You Do About Excessive Sweating?

The best way to cope with excessive sweating is to avoid it – by not exercising in the heat. The more you exert yourself, the worse your sweat will be; exercise too often or for too long and you’ll end up drenched in sweat. Use plenty of water when working out (in warm weather) and drink electrolytes like salt tablets if your body feels dehydrated during activity (such as running). Wool products are helpful at regulating body temperature; these can be purchased online or found at specialty sports stores that cater to endurance athletes. Keeping cool with cold showers on hot days, cooling down before bedtime, wearing wool socks and shorts instead of cotton ones, laying off caffeine after noon hours (or even substituting decaf coffee cups), etc., may help control excessive sweating. Use of anti-perspirant deodorants & antiperspirants should be avoided since they don’t work well on skin which is already wet due to perspiration.

How do I deal with “wet feet?”

Wearing footwear made from synthetic materials such as nylon or lycra without socks will keep feet dryer than those made from natural fibers such as cotton or wool because synthetics tend not retain moisture very well through evaporation/condensation processes whereas natural fibers tend to wick it away into our interiors where we want it gone! Synthetic material also tends not breath very well so this helps prevent blisters under pressure

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