What Can Stop Sweating Underarms?

A:There are many causes of underarm sweating. Sometimes it is a temporary condition, but sometimes its chronic and needs treatment.

Underarm sweating can be caused by an infection or inflammation in the sweat gland called apocrine hyperplasia (the apocrine glands). It occurs when certain cells become overactive, causing excessive perspiration. A fungal infection also may cause this type of sweating (called tinea cruris), especially if the affected area is infected on several occasions with yeasts like candida albicans or dermatophytes fungi such as Trichophyton rubrum which comes from pubic hair growth on your body. These types of infections can also be transmitted by sexual activities; then you need to treat yourself more than once for these stubborn problems that affect your lifeā€¦Ouch!

If you have persistent sweaty palms that do not respond to antiperspirants, consider using an anti-itch cream before applying deodorant every day at night time because there are some factors that trigger itching and irritation of skin which requires special attention so it will not damage your skin.. Also avoid eating spicy foods because they irritate the skin too much.. So try to avoid any kind of stressful situation while trying to get rid off sweat stains on clothes since stress is one big enemy regarding heavy sweat production…So relax all day long!

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