What Can I Take For Excessive Sweating?

i am extremely hot, i sweat a lot during exercise and at night. I have extreme body odor, my armpits stink the worst of all areas on me. What can I take to stop this?

It may be that you are dehydrated. Drink lots of water with lemon juice every few hours to help re-hydrate your body – make sure it is not too cold though! Stay away from beer as this will increase your sweating but do drink plenty of fluids each day if you are really struggling with excessive sweating. You need to stay well hydrated otherwise more serious issues could develop such as kidney damage or an infection which will need antibiotic treatment. Make sure that there is no skin infections especially in the groin area where it can easily go unnoticed! Also check for lumps on any part of your body including under the breasts or around the nipples – these could indicate breast cancer so if they are painful then see your doctor immediately! If their soreness goes rapidly when pressed then it may be likely there is an infection developing…

I’ve had eczema for years now but recently throughout winter my face was covered by huge red patches almost all over both cheeks ,lips and chin . It looks like psoriasis except without scales.. Is there anything i can use to treat this ?

Yes unfortunately we know that steroid creams (such as Dovonex) does actually worsen eczema in some individuals; however non-steroid antihistamines (

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