What Can I Put On My Armpits To Stop Sweating?

ive read everywhere about using deoderant and stuff like that to stop sweating but i dont know of any product specifically for underarms. can you please suggest something?

Answers: Sweating Under Arms

I sweat a lot also, I used to try what they sell at the drug store, it’s called vitamin E oil or tea tree oil which is supposed to work on scaring and so on…it doesn’t help with sweat not even a bit.

Anyways my doctor told me about drops called Drysol (which come in two different varieties) one is mentholated and the other is non-mentholed..They both smell great and are very effective at stopping all body odor as well as general perspiration from coming out through your pores during those times when you don’t want to smell bad! Smelling can be such an embarassment sometimes! Just put one drop into each armpit every night before bed time, within minutes your armpits will feel dryer where ever there was perspiration before….I would recommend this over anything else because its natural!! And depending on how much money you have going towards these things…you could probably buy a whole bottle of Drysol for less than 25 dollars if you wanted too!!! Now if your happy spending lots of money on stuff that really works then maybe consider buying some Mary Kay anti-perspirant/deodorants from their website https://www.marykay.com

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