What Can I Do To Stop Sweating Profusely?

I’m a 21 year old male and have been suffering from excessive sweating since i was 15. I’ve always had a problem with hot flashes in the past, but never this much. It’s not only when i sweat that it happens either, even if my body is warm or at all degrees of heat (not just below 80 F).

It started out about 4 years ago where it would happen every couple days after being outside for 30 minutes, mainly on my forehead and upper chest. Now its almost constant! Sometimes up to once a day! It also seems to be getting worse over time as well.. The inside of my nose starts sweating too which is gross… Like i said before though, i don’t get hot flashes so this makes me think there maybe something else going on?

Anyway enough about what’s happening now… What can you guys suggest for me? Would applying sesame oil help reduce the amount of sweat I produce? Or should i try taking an anti-perspirant like Sure deodorant or something? Anything that will stop these sweats from coming back please =)

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