What Can I Do To Stop Sweating On My Face?

I have a question about sweating on my face and I would like to hear some suggestions.

My doctor told me since I was diagnosed with psoriasis, i can’t go in the sun or any direct sunlight because it will cause rashes all over my body that itch very badly. He gave me some pills for the itching which worked pretty good but now he said i should start taking Vitamin D supplements instead of getting outside as much as possible. So here’s what happened: In the middle of February, while walking back from work at 8pm after a day of meetings all day, i noticed that it started raining and had been raining for 3 hours already so no one wanted to go out anymore. I also noticed a little rain storm going by on tv and decided to do sit ups in front of my apartment building while waiting for the rain clouds to pass by just incase they got too close.. Anyways, 20 minutes into doing situps (trying not to get wet), It started raining again!! Then 30 minutes later when i finally finished doing them , It has been thundering non stop! That’s when i saw something strange… My whole face was sweating profusely!!! No matter if its hot or cold out…. And even though im indoors… All this time Im laying down watching TV… Should be safe right? But nope! Even though there is no wind warming up air around me… The sweat still drips off my face!!!! Please help!!!!!!!!

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