What Can I Do To Help Me Stop Sweating?

I took 300mg of hydroxycut and i sweat all the time even when im sitting down. I can never stop sweating, which is very frustrating to me. Taking hcg diet pills every day like they told me to do didnt work either… any advice?

I’ve been taking 3 HCG tablets per day for two weeks now & my problem has not improved with it! My body still sweats profusely during workouts or after exertion (e.g., walking up stairs, bending over). When I was on the pill (which worked well), my hot flashes were much more severe than this but at least there were times where I’d feel cool & damp instead of extremely warm throughout the entire day — this isn’t so bad as long as you aren’t freezing cold all the time! By comparison, before starting Hcg , sex wasn’t painful/unpleasant since it doesn’t induce ovulation anymore…but now that’s also gone away! It is basically torture trying to sleep without working out in some way because your body craves movement almost constantly if you’re female….and just plain old exercise alone isn’t enough for men who want sex too!!! Now what am I supposed to do???

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