What Can I Do For Excessive Sweating?

Hi! I’m 17 and for the past 3 years, I’ve been sweating like crazy. It’s worse when it gets colder out (which is most of the year). About 20 minutes after exercising my hands are drenched in sweat, but only on one palm not both at once. It’s really frustrating because I can’t wear gloves with anything else on them or if i do they tear up pretty quickly. Also sometimes there will be a patch or small area where i don’t sweat as much which just makes me more frustrated 🙂

I have had several doctors go over this issue with me including dermatologists, allergists, etc., but no single thing has ever seemed to work consistently enough that anyone would recommend it to their patients. Basically there isn’t anything wrong with me medically that you could test for…

So my questions are: 1) Is excessive sweating something common? 2) What causes this kind of excessive sweating? 3) What treatment is available for this problem? 4) How long will it take before my body returns to normal again? 5) Will excessive sweating continue beyond puberty/adolescence into adulthood/20s & 30s? 6) Even though this seems like an overwhelming question load already- what is your personal experience with excessive sweating compared to others around you during adolescence/young adult life? Thank you so much!!!

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