What Can I Do About Sweating Under My Breasts?

I have been having a sweatshirt under my bras because I sweat so bad. So the bra makes me sweaty and then wet. Now that I am using less fabrics, I don’t want to wear another layer of fabric, so if you would tell me what else can help with this problem it would be very helpful!! Thanks!

Doctor: Hi there…You may well experience sweats and chills around your breasts as the body’s way of cooling itself down during hot weather. The best thing you can do is to take cooler showers (not cold shower though, but cool water) and wear light-weight clothing instead of heavy jackets/sweaters etc., especially in summertime when temperatures soar high. You might also try white bed linens (or pure cotton sheets), as these tend to absorb moisture better than other kinds of fabric such as wool or polyester etc.. Hope this helps…Take care… DR Web reference: http://www.drdoctoronline.com Gerald Dweck MD, PhD

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