What Can Help With Sweating?

Pregnant women are very likely to sweat. Because the body is trying to expel toxins, it needs extra fluid in order to do so. The sweating increases when you feel dizzy or nauseas. Sweating may also be caused by an illness like giardia, pneumonia, laryngitis, flu and others which can cause fever and chills that lead to excessive sweating. A person suffering from tuberculosis may also experience hyperhidrosis or hyper-excessive perspiration of the hands and feet leading to extreme heat possibly causing heat rash on the skin surface . Hyperhidrosis is not a disease but rather a symptom of some medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus , thyroid disorders (hyperthyroidism) , multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease , Addison’s Disease etc..

What causes facial sweating?

Facial hyperhydrosis occurs when there is too much perspiration in certain areas of your face including eyes, nose & mouth due to overactive sympathetic nervous system stimulation that leads into excessive pores self suctioning thus making them bigger than usual thereby causing this problematic condition called facial hyperhydrosis. Facial Hyperhydrosis worsens when one gets emotionally upset thus triggering sympathetic nerve activity which further reinforces these actions leading into more severe cases of facial sweating. It usually begins during puberty for boys while girls normally don’t get affected until their 30s although both sexes have been found having this problem at all ages especially after childbirth among other hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy

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