What Can Help With Excessive Sweating?

Remedies include the following:

• Amino acids. Some amino acids, such as methionine or cysteine, are water-soluble and can help to regulate excessive sweating. Try taking 1 g of L-cysteine daily for three weeks. This may be combined with 500 mg of zinc acetate plus 250 mg chromium picolinate daily in divided doses up to three times a day (see “Supplement Recommendations”). Another option is B complex vitamin supplementation with biotin, pantothenic acid, and niacinamide together with 5–10 mg of choline bitartrate per day. It has been reported that some women find relief from their hot flashes after starting an antifungal regimen such as ketoconazole (200–400 mg daily) alone or in combination with itraconazole (200–400mg daily). The natural antihistamine drug fexofenadine (Allegra) has also been found helpful for menopausal hot flushes and night sweats by its ability to reduce catecholamines induced vasodilation and resulting increases in blood flow to the skin; this suggests that it may inhibit excessive sweating caused by sympathetic nervous system activation, although additional studies should substantiate this finding.

• Thyroid hormones like thyroid hormone replacement therapy have shown beneficial effects on certain elements—especially sodium/potassium ratio—that promote sweating; however, they do not improve overall

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