What Can Cause Sweating While Sleeping?

If you sweat while sleeping, it’s important to know what causes this common problem called hyperhidrosis.

There are some medical conditions that can cause sweating during sleep, but the most common medical condition associated with excessive sweating is sleep apnea (SA). SA occurs when breathing stops for a period of time repeatedly throughout one’s sleep cycle. This disrupts REM (rapid eye movement) and deep sleep stages, which leads to excessive perspiration on sides of face and hands due to extreme dryness of skin.

In addition to SA, there are other possible causes that may trigger excessive sweating at night or in general:

1. Nervous system diseases such as multiple sclerosis (“MS”) and brain tumors known as gliomas;

2. Intermittent claudication due to peripheral vascular disease; 3. Brain lesions from toxins such as carbon monoxide poisoning; 4. Chronic infection with bacteria or fungi causing seborrheic dermatitis (“dandruff”); 5 . Certain medications including drugs used for depression, anxiety disorders and Parkinson’s disease; 6 . Stressful life events such as death in family members or miscarriage ; 7 . Dehydration related skin infections like cellulitis , pyoderma , folliculitis etc.; 8 . Concurrent use of certain medicines – sedatives/anxiolytics(benzodiazepines), narcotic analgesics/antipsychotics(opiates), antidepressants, antihistamines

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