What Can Cause Sweating In Your Sleep?

In the most common form of night sweats, you may have a runny nose and slight fever with a feeling of being generally unwell. If it is caused by something more serious, such as a tummy bug or infection in the gut, your skin will also feel hot to touch. A sweat test can show if this is due to an infection – but if these symptoms are only occurring occasionally at night then there’s nothing wrong! As for what triggers sweating during sleep…this is not yet clear. It could be linked to stress levels, hormonal changes that occur overnight (such as those from birth control pills) or low blood sugar that can trigger “hypoglycaemia” – but no studies have been conducted on this subject so far. The best treatment for night sweats caused by something else related to your health rather than a specific medical condition might be different anti-sweating medications – see our page on treating nighttime sweating .

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