What Can Cause Sweating At Night?

Night sweats (also called nocturnal sweating) are a common problem for many people. They happen when you have too much water in your body. Sweating helps keep the body cool by moving heat away from the skin. But if you have night sweats, your sweat is coming at night and it means there is more water in your body than usual during the day. Your bed partner may notice that you’re sweaty during the night because they wake up to see this wetness on their sheets, or just feel damp under them! Your bed partner might also complain of feeling chilled after being around someone with excessive sweating at night. If you have these symptoms, make an appointment to rule out any medical cause of the problem before trying something as drastic as changing diet or exercise routines! The first step is having a quick chat with us about what could be causing daytime nighttime sweating – put ‘nighttime’ into our online question form now

What can I do about my excessive daytime/nighttime sweating?

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