What Are The Symptoms Of Excessive Sweating?

Excessive sweating is not a disease on its own. It is known as hyperhidrosis, which means excessive sweating. Excessive sweating can be an indication of many other health conditions, including anxiety-related disorders, diabetes mellitus and depression. Symptoms include frequent or profuse perspiration during daily activities or post exertion. Besides the obvious discomfort caused by perspiring through your clothes all day long you may also experience itchiness in the armpits (pruritus), skin redness due to hyperaemia (hot spots) and decreased muscle strength because of dehydration.[1] People with these symptoms usually seek medical attention because they are worried that something else might be wrong with them besides just excessive sweat. This article looks at some possible causes for this type of sweating problem and how it affects your body physically.[2]

What Causes Sweating? The Cause Of Hyperhidrosis Is Unknown There are several different theories about why people have problems with excessive perspiration.[3] One theory suggests that there is a sympathetic nervous system reaction between adrenaline secretion from the adrenal glands, which creates an increased amount of body temperature via shivering response to stress.[4] Another theory states that there are nerve endings located in sweat glands called cholinergic receptors that respond to certain allergens like pollen,[5][6]. Yet another reason people complain about their chronic sweaty hands could be due to dehydration; if they haven’t been hydrating themselves throughout the day then they will become

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