Underarm Sweating Pads Where To Buy?

The Shower Arm Based on the reviews, I bought 3 of these – 2 for myself and 1 as a gift. They are small but large enough to actually use them every day. When showering with AHTI, it’s important that you do not try to squeeze water out between your fingers or toes because the friction will burn the skin off. It’s also very important to NOT use soap when using this product because soap destroys natural oils in your hands which can lead to dryness or irritation of your skin – which is bad if you’re trying to avoid Calluses. Soap has no place in any kind of foot care routine! As long as you remember those two rules above, then this product should work well for most people who have either sensitive/dry feet or who sweat profusely through their feet due to medical conditions such as diabetes etc… If I am sweating heavily though my feet (because they are soaked) then after five minutes they start burning so badly that it feels like they are on fire…which makes me wonder if there is some sort of chemical reaction going on? Either way, I would recommend avoiding extreme sweating during application b/c otherwise it burns!!

Can anyone please tell me where I can buy inexpensive shower arm pads online??

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