Underarm Pads For Sweating Where To Buy?

I have suffered with chronic back pain (from lifting dogs) and at times, would be in severe pain. I was given an 84 degree water bottle to use as a support for my upper body when working out. The problem is that it chafes my armpits so badly that I can’t even take the bottle off during certain exercises because it’s too painful there! It gets so bad that if i try to exercise without using the bottle, I just hurt myself more than anything else. Does anyone know of any kind of arm pad designed specifically for this wear?

My friend has developed hives all over his arms and shoulder area due to having eczema. He tried every cream under the sun but nothing worked until he started applying some sort of medical grade steroid cream on his skin after showering or bathing one day. Since then, the redness has subsided significantly and he says not only does it feel better, but people who touch him no longer react as though they’re touching poison ivy by rubbing their eyes!

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