Antiperspirants for Treating Hidrosis


The use of antiperspirants is a popular option for many who suffer from hyperhidrosis.

Of the many antiperspirants available, the majority of them are made for people who deal with regular sweating. People with hyperhidrosis need stronger antiperspirants.

Finding the right antiperspirant can be a headache if you want to research finding one that is strong enough to manage your excessive sweating.

We created a one-stop destination to help you find the most effective antiperspirant for you. We also believe you should understand how antiperspirants work and why people use them.

What is antiperspirant?

Antiperspirants are skincare products that reduce underarm sweating. You should not confuse them with deodorants since the latter helps to reduce bad odor.

Antiperspirants blocks the pores in your skin’s outer layer, which reduces the amount of sweat going to the surface.

Most antiperspirants are made up of Aluminum salts such as aluminum chloralhydrate and aluminum chloride. They help reduce the sweat flow in your underarms. These salts also block the upper parts of your sweat glands to inhibit the release of sweat.

Additionally, these aluminum compounds also reduce the smell, which is linked to bacteria production and gives sweat its characteristic unattractive odor.

However, newer generations of antiperspirants are made from Aluminum Zirconium. This is because it's much safe and ideal for your skin and will less likely cause side effects such as irritation.

Types of Antiperspirants

Sweat Wipes

sweat block wipes antiperspirant

SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes

While SweatBlock markets these sweat wipes as underarm wipes, people have taken to using them for facial sweat issues as well.

Each pack contains 10 sweat wipes, and claims to stop sweat for up to seven whole days. They do, however, say that to get the full seven days, you will need to use the product for a while first and work your way up.

Now readily available, you can stop underarm (and other areas) sweating with these easy to store wipes. 

Active Ingredient: Aluminum Chloride (14%)

Hand Lotions

carpe hand lotion antiperspirant

Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion

Carpe antiperspirant lotion is specially designed to help people to reduce excessive sweating on the palm of their hands.

Developed and tested by dermatologists, Carpe has grown to become a widely accepted hand lotion for people who suffer from hyperhidrosis.

Active Ingredient: Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate (15%)


certain dri roll on antiperspirant

Certain Dri Roll-On Antiperspirant

Certain Dri has grown to becoming one of the strongest antiperspirants available without needing a prescription from your doctor.

If you sweat like crazy, and your armpits sometimes feel like they are drenched in sweat and you carry extra shirts with you, then Certain Dri will put you to ease. You can apply it every night even though it says it will last up to 72 hours.

Active Ingredient: Aluminum Chloride (12%)

Deodorant vs Antiperspirant

It is easy to confuse deodorant with antiperspirant. Individually, they are completely different products. They are often mixed up because the products can, and often are sold as a combined product.

Deodorants are specially designed to target bacteria that causes body odor, while antiperspirants contains chemicals that are designed to plug sweat glands and prevent excessive sweating.

It is also worth mentioning that sweating does promote bacteria growth, which leads to body odor. This can lead to people considering antiperspirants to be deodorants indeed.

How Does It Work?

Aluminum-based antiperspirants work by blocking your sweat ducts to reduce the amount of sweat reaching your skin surface. These salts are soluble in acidic formulations, and when used on your skin, the pH will rise faster.

This will make them to precipitate and cover the sweat glands. And though the glands will continue to produce sweat, preventing it from reaching your skin’s surface.

What Are The Key Ingredients?

Some of the active ingredients in this product are aluminum-based compounds such as Aluminum chloride or aluminum zirconium that blocks the sweat pores. When your sweat pores are blocked, it will be harder for perspiration to reach the surface of the skin.

How Long Does It Last?

Antiperspirants can last for 24-48 hours, depending on the product you are using. You can use them daily or after every 48 hours, depending on your preferences.

It's okay to use them every day and if you want the best results, then apply them on your clear skin, i.e., after taking a shower.

However, avoid using an antiperspirant after shaving as your skin is exposed during this time.

Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and Prescriptions

If you find the over-the-counter (OTC) antiperspirants ineffective in controlling your sweating, then consult your doctor on the best prescription antiperspirants.  Your doctor can recommend prescription antiperspirants that will help you with excessive sweating.

However, this may not be ideal for everyone, and so you should get a prescription before buying them at the pharmacy.

Are There Side Effects?

Stronger antiperspirants can cause side effects, especially when applied to mucous membranes such as the mouth, nose, anus, and genitals.

They can cause irritation or allergies from their ingredients or the formulation. The underarm skin is also vulnerable to these reactions as it's thin, moist, and delicate.

Additionally, people with sensitive skin, eczema, contact allergies, and susceptibility to razor burns will likely develop a reaction to antiperspirants. These groups should use weaker concentrations.

Stronger antiperspirants that contain Diphemanil methylsulfate should not be used on the face. It can cause dry mouth and anticholinergic side effects. It has also been reported to be toxic to young babies.

Antiperspirants work to stop sweating in your body by blocking the sweat pores temporarily. They are ideal for people with excessive sweating on their skin.

However, you should avoid using them on sensitive or damaged skin. They also enable you to reduce your odors and remain fresh all day long.