Symptoms Of Profuse Sweating And Near-Normal Body Temperature Are Common With Which Heat Illness??

Heat exhaustion is the most common heat-related illness. If you are not in good physical condition, or if your weight is too high for your height, you can suffer this illness. It occurs when the body loses more fluid than it normally does in daily activities because of strenuous exercise (such as heavy labor outdoors in hot weather) or because of inadequate rest before that work. The symptoms begin soon after activity begins and progress to include sweating; muscle cramps; nausea; dizziness; weak pulse rate; pale skin color (known as “sweaty white”); rapid heartbeat (tachycardia); tiredness (fatigue); headache and loss of appetite. You may also feel cold despite having a low core temperature, so wrap yourself in blankets if possible -even though the fever makes it difficult to feel temperatures below 100° F! This illness usually lasts 10 days but can last much longer depending on conditions such as humidity and exposure to sunlight during recovery treatment at home until normal body temperature returns. Follow these remedies for basic Heat Illnesses: Avoid alcohol / caffeine . Even though both these drinks will help with dehydration , they can cause further problems by raising blood pressure levels which may lead to death from arrhythmia ! Remember that all caffeinated beverages contain L-theanine which helps increase metabolism thus providing energy while suppressing stress hormones thereby lowering blood pressure levels

Do not take aspirin unless directed by a physician who knows what he/she is doing & always check with your

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