Sweating Windows How To Stop?

A: There are probably several causes of sweating on windows. If there is no moisture on the glass it will not sweat, but if the unit has cold spots, for example in the back wall or baseboard then condensation can occur at those locations. This may be due to a leaking window seal (which leaks into the house), an incorrect installation of insulation where vapour builds up and cools causing frost build-up on cold surfaces, lack of ventilation above ceilings with inadequate air flow, poor ventilation through attic vents or gaps around doors and louvres. You don’t want anyone coming across these hot spots while they are working in their bedrooms! Also check that there is sufficient ventilation for your dryer venting system too. Ensure that you have cleaned out any ductwork before installing new insulation to avoid possible leakage problems caused by lint collection which could lead to overheating when heated by exhaust gas from heating appliances such as central Heating Systems , boilers & water heaters .

Q: What causes my roof to leak?

A: Roofs do tend to leak – particularly if they have had more recent repairs than their original construction dates would indicate. Toilets often cause this problem because they often sit directly under old roofs – so watch out for signs of blockages under them! It sounds obvious but ensure that all joints are weathertight after any repair work has been carried out especially in older homes where timber shakes are used rather than tiles/sl

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