Sweating When You Sleep?

Try to avoid high-protein foods before bed, including dairy products or alcohol. Try to eat a light snack instead of eating heavy food that will make you sleepy in the evening.

Some people are very sensitive to caffeine and may feel drowsy when they drink coffee at night. If this is the case for you, try drinking decaffeinated coffee or tea in the evening rather than caffeinated drinks. Read labels carefully if you are wondering how much caffeine is in milk-based beverages such as milk shakes and milkshakes because many have trace amounts of caffeine added during processing even though it says “none”.

Blood sugar levels can affect sleep patterns for some people so try not to eat too close to bed time or consume large quantities of sugary snacks just before bedtime. Caffeine also affects blood glucose levels so try not to have any caffeinated beverages after dinner time either. Try switching from soft drinks with sugar (which tend to keep your mind awake longer) back toward water which has no calories but helps regulate your body’s natural sleep rhythms better.

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