Sweating When You Have A Cold?

2. Do you get a lot of hair in your mouth when you have a cold?

3. Does the area around your nose sometimes feel swollen?

4. Do other people notice that you seem to be having a cold, even though it’s only been one day since the symptoms started?

5. Is there any unusual discharge from your nose or throat? (If yes, check out #9.)

6. Is there any particular smell that doesn’t belong in this season—that smells like something else instead of a winter smell such as pine trees or snow covered ground? If so, what is it and where does it come from: for example, does an open window always cause this strange smelling odor to drift into the room or is there some special place where the scent comes from such as an old sock hanging on a clothesline outside somewhere? An interesting clue can sometimes be found by looking behind doors and under beds! It may just take making several trips back and forth before you find an answer but once found, clues can often point them right to their source! This also works if someone asks “What do we need to buy at the store” and they reply “Clothes” and then say something like “I don’t know much about buying clothes; I’ve never really had much money growing up…” Pointing out mysterious odors will usually yield results because most people aren’t aware of how noses work until

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