Sweating When Walking?

Do you feel uncomfortable in public places?

Do you have to take frequent breaks when outdoors?

Is there a particular time of day that is most difficult for you to tolerate heat or humidity? Do these symptoms:Make your home an unfriendly place, and make it much harder for people who live with you. For example, do not leave lights on all night; turn off the television during certain hours (especially at night); avoid using fans in the bedrooms; and refrain from leaving doors open. This will limit exposure to harmful indoor pollutants like radon gas , which can be present in homes built before 1978.Even if someone doesn’t seem bothered by extreme heat, they may still need to take extra precautions under certain conditions:Some people find themselves struggling with health problems that could be making them even more susceptible than usual:If so, then taking preventive measures now might save their life later down the road.”Heat Exhaustion” is also known as “heatstroke,” but many don’t know what’s happening – only that they’re experiencing serious symptoms such as nausea, dizziness or confusion . If left untreated, this condition can lead to death within just minutes! The body temperature rises rapidly due to water loss through sweat while exercising or working up a sweat outside in high temperatures. Treating this must happen quickly!”Heat exhaustion” is often mistaken for “heat stroke.” It usually happens when one has been out shaded during exercise where sweating was prevented by trying too hard

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